Cloud Software Hosting

Since the year 2004 an increasing number of public libraries are using our software WinBIAP as hosted all inclusive solution out of the cloud. Today, almost 50% of all WinBIAP customers are using this service.

It is contractually guaranteed that data centers are only operated in Germany. Currently the data centers are located at two geographically distant locations to ensure high reliability with a failover solution.

Our high technical and organizational standards guarantee compliance with all security and data protection requirements (including the EU Data Protection Basic Regulation DSGVO). An encrypted connection according to the latest method provides the highest level of security according to the latest standards. This applies both to workplaces in the library and home workplaces.

WinBIAP is designed as one software for two different environments. The cloud solution has exactly the same functionality as a local installation. Migration into the cloud (or back) is always possible at short notice and without any problems. It does not make any difference to the user whether he works in the cloud or locally.