spacedesk – Multi Monitor Software

Multimonitor software for virtual graphics adapters and screens
– Smartphones, tablets and other devices as additional physical displays.
– Additional virtual display monitors (e.g. for presentation software).
– Windows Desktop Extension (x10-sion).
– Windows Desktop Duplication (mirroring/cloning).
– Touchscreen.
– KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) remote control (Windows Viewer).

Standard software for private consumers, companies and institutions
– Available for download in app stores for Windows, iOS and Android.
– Basic functionality free of charge.
– Additional functionality as in-app purchase (after expiration of BETA).
– HTML5 VIEWER software for all kinds of devices.

Software components for OEMs, corporate customers and institutions
– Software Development Kit (SDK) for integration into other products.
– C++ Application Programming Interface (API) with sample source code.
– Interfaces to display driver, keyboard-driver and network protocol.

Virtual device drivers for graphics adapter and input
– Virtual WDDM display driver.
– Simulation of additional graphics adapters and display monitors.
– Extension and duplication of the Windows Desktop.
– Virtual input device drivers for keyboard and mouse.

Network server and client components
– Transmission of screen content and input from mouse and keyboard.
– Connection oriented network protocol based on TCP/IP standard.
– Discovery Protokoll within local subnets based on UDP/IP broadcasts.
– M-JPEG image encoding and decoding